Up Lighting

Room decor uplighting is a great way to accentuate your decor. Our M2M Up Lighting units are 100% wireless for flexibilty & safety and feature an array of color and design options. Extensive room lighting is also available.

Spark Show

Wow your family & friends in exctiement and thrill! This addition is as amazing lighting display that is safe indoors and out. Our cold spark machines feature the latest technology in safe indoor pyrotechnics.

Dancing on Clouds

Float your love away on top of the clouds. Popular with our couples during first dance, special segments and the dance floor. Our M2M Fog units produce low-lying fog to assure saftey & room visability.

Customized Gobo

Add a unique touch to your wedding day with customizable gobo lighting. Project on the floor, walls, ceiling or a backdrop with custom name, date & pictures features. Standard icon gobo lighting also available.